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ΝIKOLIDAKIS GROUP S.A., is a Greek company founded in 1972 by Konstantinos Nikolidakis. After more than 40 years of experience the company has grown into a leader in the Greek furniture construction sector, creating its own furniture brands, opening its business internationally and retaining its commitment for quality, reliability and innovation.

The family's 2nd generation has taken up the reins combining cutting edge technologies with the company's long experience, laying the foundation for future growth. Thanks to privately owned production facilities, our company has been able to cover all the needs of our customers around the world, both in terms of quantities and quality standards.

International market

We continue our successful course driven by our restless spirit, through exploring new roads and markets to broaden our International journey. With a production capacity of over 200 kitchens per day and a Global network of over 300 retailers, NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP SA activates in the following countries:

  • India
  • Libya
  • Benghazi
  • Ghana
  • Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Turkey
  • Canada
  • Sweden
  • USA

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Our mission
& vision

To create top quality and functional home solutions that will host the most valuable moments of every family's life. To furniture the center of every home.


NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP is a family business. We consider our people part of our family and the company part of our family's identity. That is why we are committed to making products that will facilitate every family's life. That is why our products are the preferred choice for thousands of families in Greece and abroad.

Quality & personal care

We are personally involved in every stage of the production process. From the raw materials to the finishing our products are carefully tested and monitored in order to safeguard that they comply with international and company standards in terms of aesthetic value, resistance and safety.

reaching the desirable and then we share it

& innovation

Modern manufacture is defined by modern machinery. At NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP we employ the latest technology in hardware and software, and we are not afraid to introduce innovative procedures in our production facilities, in order to safeguard the quality of our products and the safety of our employees.

Continuous improvement

We pursue continuous betterment for ourselves and in the same spirit we provide our associates and partners onsite seminars. These are conducted to give our partners in depth knowledge of our products. This way our partners are able to promote our products more efficiently, and we gain valuable feedback.


daily production
kitchen sets
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adjusted elements

Our privately owned production facilities in Thiva, are equipped with the latest manufacturing machinery that safeguard our promise for top quality furniture solutions is fulfilled. The plant in Thiva can meet the needs of our own brands’ production, but also of all orders we receive from our associates, partners and clients in Greece and abroad.

Our production facilities have a daily production potential of over 150 kitchen sets, 100 wardrobes, 11,000 melamine elements and 4,000 adjusted elements. In this regard, NIKOLIDAKIS Group can undertake large-scale orders on a steady basis, and has the infrastructure to provide services from the design phase to the finishing and assembly phase. Our experienced personnel oversees and monitors every phase making sure that every product delivered to our associates or customers is perfect to the last detail.


Our customers and partners are our network that take our products out the consumers. We value the long-lasting relations we have built and because we enter the retail market, we constantly update and upgrade our services.

The customers of NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP in Greece and abroad benefit from our technically advanced customer service applications, but also by the experienced personnel that will communicate and serve them. We offer our customer the option to monitor their orders through the internet. Furthermore, we provide our partner retail stores with free software tools for planning and designing the Optimal sliding doors.

We take the transportation phase under heavy consideration, because we care about delivering everything in perfect condition. Therefore we have invested on a packing system and we have trained the personnel that is responsible for the packaging, in order to ensure the safe delivery of our products anywhere in the world.


Haraidini area - Thiva
P.C. 322 00
P.O. BOX 167
t. +30 22620 81440-1
f. +30 22620 81442