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EPANEK Digital Saltation
EPANEK Digital Saltation
NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP SA has created its own brands, starting with Centro Kitchen in 2007, aiming at transferring the experience and know-how acquired after 40 years of B2B activity into the retail market. The company has built a network of associates that carry the official Centro branding, which is steadily growing. By covering all stages of the furniture market (concept, design, production, assembly, B2B, retail), NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP benefits from economies of scale and can offer an excellent quality-price ratio, custom made solutions and raw materials guarantee.
CENTRO uses automated cell production systems for the manufacture of kitchens. With the help of brand new machinery for precise locations of screws and accessories, we deliver the best possible choice on preassembled kitchen solutions. Today Centro, with a global presence in 12 countries counts more than 25 sale points in Greece and more than 10 around the world. CENTRO KITCHEN
Optimal Logo WARDROBE
Always aiming at expanding our activity and portfolio, we created our wardrobe brand: Optimal. Our vision and focus is on personalisation, reliability and high-end design. Within this framework, we have managed to create quality solutions which fit every home or business area. We created optimal wardrobes driven by two goals: perfection and uniqueness. Perfection in construction, materials, functionality and aesthetics, so that optimal constitutes a reliable choice for every use. Uniqueness, meaning flexibility, custom made modular elements, and variety of colours and designs, so that every home, office or business can create the composition that better serves their needs.
As always, we have chosen top quality mechanisms for soundless function and stability, even in frequent use. We designed modern options of excellent aesthetic value, as well as organising solutions that can create countless combinations, so that you do not have to make any compromise in terms of design or ergonomics. CENTRO WARDROBE
Apart from its own brands, NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP continues its initial activity to manufacture kitchen cabinets or wardrobes under the company private label: Our private label products range includes most of the Centro & Optimal product codes, and constitutes the perfect solution for everyone that needs large quantities, or for furniture retailer that need to grow the merchandise they offer.
NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP product range combines the aesthetic value of our designer team, with the experience of the Nikolidakis family and the quality that defines every product that leaves our premises.
Hotel equipment is the latest addition to NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP’s portfolio. Our dedicated team creates compositions or custom made furniture solutions for small or large Hotels and Resorts. We cooperate with architects, interior designers and owners to find the perfect combination of materials, colours and compositions for their specific needs and taste.
Whatever the stage of the project, NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP SA brand is marked out by the service rendered by its dedicated teams. This distinctive brand has no need of a label. But nonetheless its cachet is exactly what hoteliers and their interior architects - are seeking when they call on Nikolidakis Group to conceive, study, develop, produce and install the furniture they require.
In the past few years, the company has undertaken the production of a large variety of furniture on behalf of third parties. These partnerships are the outcome of NIKOLIDAKIS GROUP’s reliable efficiency and quality throughout the years, but also due to the fact that our facilities can respond to high demand timely. The family’s name and excellent reputation in the market, guarantees the good result, building partnerships and relations on trust.
The product range produced for third parties includes indicatively:
  • Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Bookcases
  • Drawers